The Different Types of Weeds and Their Effects on Human

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  • Jul 07, 2021

Weed, or pot or marijuana, is unprocessed of the cannabis plant. The weed contains dried buds and leaves of cannabis plants. Cannabis consists of several species, however, each species has different effects on humans. Marijuana is named to the dried stems, seeds, leaves, and flowers of the weed plant.

The active properties of weed or marijuana are THC which stands for tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD which stands for Cannabidiol. THC is psychoactive effects that play to alertness, cognizance, alter mood, and cognitive functioning. CBD is one of the large components that have a relaxation effect and relieve pain.

The highest level of weed strain depends on the strong effect of components on the human. Supporting the effect of THC, the ratio of CDB should lower because this chemical component has a negative effect on THC.

CBD included the psychoactive substance which is generally used to medical. This chemical component has two influential abilities in reducing the effect of THC and suppressing the psychedelic.

THC also provides psychoactive substance which is more effective on the brain than the body. Another substance of THC is called anandamide. This substance has the ability to assist the function of the brain on memories, fine motoric, and high cognitive processes. And also to relieve the pain, fertility, hunger, and depression

Among the several types of weed found widely world, actually, there are only two main types of weed that play the rule of other new strains are cannabis indica and cannabis saliva.

Both species are determined the varying types of weed and their components. However, lately another species of cannabis, cannabis ruderalis has used to find new weed strain. This species is known as medicine which has lower THC than others.

Cannabis Sativas

types of weeds; sativa weed

Cannabis Sativa is Believed native to the tropical areas which based on its preference for the warm climate or tropical growing condition. This type of weed commonly found in Mexico and South Africa.

Physical of sativas are tall which reaches over to 12 feet and thin leaves. Cannabis Sativa needs to thrive in the darkness over 11 hours every day and flowered when it gets certain of light.

The chemical properties of C. Saliva contain THC and CBD, in which the level of CBD is higher than THC. Based on the chemical contents, this species has an energizing effect that people usually consume it in the morning or afternoon. This weed is also generally consumed by depression people and works to relieve symptoms and mood disorders.

Cannabis Indica

indica weed

The native area of Cannabis indica is in the Hindu “Kush” region or part of India which is near Afghanistan. Physical features are short which under average stature and seem like a bush because of its natural grown place. Cannabis indica prefers to inhabit in the cold condition, in the volatile mountain climate. The leaves are darker than Cannabis saliva.

Cannabis Indica has been indicated as a strong weed due to its chemical components. The number of chemical properties of this type is high of THC and low level of CBD. This type has relaxation effect which usually used as a sedative for insomnia and consumed at the night before going to sleep


Cannabis ruderalis was the first found in Southern Russia. The physical ruderalis is thin and shorter than other main species. It has large leave, fibrous stems, and flowering. The flowers appear based on the light and the age of the plant.


Hybrids are known as the product of mix germinating seeds between saliva and Indica. The physical features and the chemical composition of hybrid depend on the derived strain.

Even though hybrid comes from the cross geminating of saliva and Indica, but this strain is the most grown weed in the world today than the dominant strains.

There are thousand numbers of hybrid strain in the world. Each hybrid strain has a different amount of the characteristics which include the ratio between CBD and THC, disease resistance, flowering, physical appearance, effects, and others. Those all depend on their mixed species.

Sour diesel

The name of Sour diesel comes from the unpleasant smell like gasoline which is produced during flowered. Sour diesel is the hybrid strain with high energizing effect, for this reason, sour diesel has claimed higher THC than CBD.

People mostly consume sour diesel to reduce mild stress, depression, and appetite. Others considered that this type of weed is also used to relieve pains. Body aches. However, consuming sour diesel in high concentrations will cause paranoia on the human feeling.

Purple kush

As its name suggests, purple kush has the purple leaves which originated from Indica strain. It comes from the kush region, India where is near to Afghanistan.

This strain consists of higher THC than CBD, which is the potential to reach physical relaxation on humans. Because of its effect, people kush is generally used to reduce chronic pain, depression, and relieve situational pain.

Blue dream

Blue Dream is one of the hybrid stains from the unknown of derived strains. This type has the ability to cause a high energetic effect on the cerebral which raises the motivation and focus. Others claim that the blue dream has a relaxation effect and relieving pain.

The report said that the name of this strain comes from the effect which causes fantasy like a dream on the mind of a human. Blue dream is commonly used for treatment or therapy for people that have depression, and chronic fatigue. However, sometimes it is consumed to increase appetite.

The beneficial effect of weed or marijuana on human

Even though recently, the government tells people how bad marijuana is on the human body. However, some of the researches prove that weed or marijuana has the ability to heal some disease on human. It shows that marijuana has the potential to use as pharmaceutical or medicine.

  • Marijuana used for glaucoma treatment because of its ability to decrease the inner pressure on the eyes.
  • Marijuana used to medicinal treatment for epilepsy because the chemical properties of marijuana, THC can control seizures in the cell of the brain
  • Marijuana great assists to reduce nervous disorders, craft’s syndrome, and seized
  • Another effect of CBD on marijuana is to prevent cancer cell (which quickly copies its cells) from spreading through the human body.
  • One of the chemical components of marijuana has the ability to decrease depression, anxiety, and assist insomnia
  • THC of marijuana has the ability to block the amyloid plaques which play the rule of killing brain cell. Because of its ability, marijuana claimed to assist Alzheimer’s disease



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