How to Cap a Cedar Shingle Roof: A Step-by-Step Guide

A cedar shingle roof is durable and provides good insulation as well as protection against the elements. It is aesthetically pleasing, too. Capping a shingle roof extends its lifespan and prevents debris and water from entering. The question is, how to cap a cedar shingle roof?

In this article, we have a guide on how to cap a shingle roof. The process isn’t particularly difficult, but it does require some care and preparation. Ready? Let’s start.

1. Assess the Roof

Assess the Roof

Inspect the cedar shingles and look for leaks. Assess the roof condition. Also, take local weather conditions into account. Yes, these shingles are durable and can withstand different weather conditions just fine.

But for extreme conditions like high winds or heavy snowfall, you might need extra maintenance to keep your roof in tip-top condition.

2. Gather Supplies

Gather Supplies

The next step in our “How to cap a cedar shingle roof” guide is to gather supplies. Buy enough cedar shingles to cover the entire roof ridge, underlayment, nails and a hammer, roofing adhesive, roofing tools, and protective gear.

3. Prepare the Roof

Prepare the Roof

Before capping your roof, you need to properly prepare the surface. Clean the roof, inspect the roof in detail for any damage and repair it, apply a primer to exposed areas to seal and protect the wood, install drip edge, and inspect the existing underlayment.

4. Install Underlayment

Install Underlayment

When installing underlayment, make sure to start at the bottom. Use nails or staples to attach the underlayment to the roof deck. Make sure that it is not sagging and wrinkled. Overlap subsequent underlayment rows by several inches. Repeat the process and inspect for any loose sections, gaps, or tears.

5. Measure and Cut Shingles

Measure and Cut Shingles

You need to know the cedar shingle roof ridge detail. So, the next step is to measure and cut shingles. Use a measuring tape and measure the ridge. Account for overlap. A 2-inch overlap is usually enough, but do check the manufacturer’s recommendations just in case. Mark the shingles, cut, and verify them.

6. Apply Shingles

Apply Shingles

When applying shingles, start at one end of the roof’s ridge. Make sure that it covers the underlayment and aligns with the edge of the roof. Secure the shingle and repeat the process with the remaining shingles. Trim if necessary and inspect for any loose shingles.

7. Cap the Roof Ridge

Cap the Roof Ridge

How to cap a cedar shingle roof? To do so, first you need to choose the ridge cap material. Measure and cut the ridge caps as needed. Apply roofing adhesive or caulking, place the caps, and secure them. Inspect the installation for any gaps. If you find gaps, seal them.

8. Finishing Touches

how to cap a cedar shingle roof

Inspect for any protruding or loose nails, seal any cracks or gaps, and clean up debris. Be sure to do regular inspections and maintenance. If necessary, add additional protection like roof coating or gutter guards.

And that’s how to cap a cedar shingle roof. Capping the roof ridge not only provides an extra layer for protection against the elements and potential leaks but also improves the durability and appeal of the roof. Make sure to do regular inspections and maintenance to extend the lifespan of your roof.

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