How Much Overhang on Metal Roof?

When you are planning to install a metal roof, a question may come up in your mind. How much overhang on a metal roof?

Understanding the right overhang length helps optimize its protection and performance while keeping your exterior aesthetic. Here are different options to consider.

Basic Metal Roof Overhang

How Much Overhang on Metal Roof

Basically, the recommended overhang length for metal roofing is 1-2 inches. This length is similar to other roofing materials including asphalt shingles and slates. Maintaining such length helps you strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

The 2-inch overhang is ideal for residential applications. It is considered the maximum metal roof overhang without support but it is tolerable to extend the length slightly for personal preferences. Be sure to consider the climate in your area to protect from potential damage.

The climate and weather in your area play a major role in determining the length. For example, an area with heavy snowfall or rainfall can consider longer overhang to prevent the walls and foundation from potential damage. But if you live in a windy area, a shorter overhang can keep it in a good shape.

Little or No Overhang

Little or No Overhang

How much overhang on a metal roof? Although the recommended overhang for metal roofing is 1-2 inches, you can make it less or use no overhang at all. Installing metal roofing with little or zero-inch overhang may create an aesthetic look to your exterior.

However, ditching an overhang can lead to leaking problem that is linked to the absence of drip edge and flashing. While flashing is designed to protect the roof from the water, drip edge helps prevent ice dams during the winter.

Drip edge serves as a barrier between the fascia board and roof deck. Drip edge that is installed properly also protects metal roof overhang from debris accumulation and wind-driven rain. Additionally, drip edge and flashing installation can also improve the appearance of your metal roofing.

Ideal Metal Roof Overhang for Gutters

Ideal Metal Roof Overhang for Gutters

Metal roofing is highly resistant to extreme weather including wind and rain. But you may want to install gutter to manage the rainwater and prevent it from damaging your wall and foundation. How much overhang on a metal roof for rain gutters?

Your metal roof should overhang no more than 2 inches and the gutter is ideally installed 2-3 inches from the edge of the metal roof. Installing the gutters more than 3 inches will cause the water to run off which may lead to the soil shifting. It may also damage the foundation of your house.

Overhang with Support

Overhang with Support

A wider metal roof overhang is welcome if you provide proper support. Some metal roofs are designed with wood-framed eaves that goes several inches beyond the house to support metal roof. It provides protection to the overhang without the risk of bending or breaking.

Despite the support, it is not recommended to overhang your metal roof too far. It reduces the aesthetics besides increasing the risk of damage caused by extreme weather.

How much overhang on a metal roof? Your metal roofing overhang should not exceed 2 inches without support but you may consider further length if the roof has enough support.

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