5 Ways to Make Your Home Safer for the Elderly

Do you currently live with an older family member or friend? Or perhaps an elderly person is going to be moving in with you soon. Well, one thing people always forget to consider is that elderly people live differently to the younger generation.

They are a lot more vulnerable and could easily get hurt. Even the smallest household items could cause them great harm. A lot of people don’t even examine the state of their homes before an elderly family member moves in.

But you most definitely should do so, as this decreases the risk of them getting harmed. So, here are some ways you can make your home safer for an elderly person.


Make Your Home Safer for the Elderly

The age-related loss of muscle may affect mobility. So, as people age, their mobility often becomes restricted and adaptions to their living environment are required.

Elderly people with mobility issues require special equipment. Firstly, you could get a shower stool/chair fitted into your shower, as standing for too long in the shower can be difficult for elderly people, it also prevents possible slips.

Stair lifts may also be a requirement if the elderly person cannot walk up the stairs due to mobility issues. Handrails placed around the house can be really useful for elderly people struggling to walk.

Preventing Falls

Falls are one of the biggest concerns for elderly

Falls are one of the biggest concerns for elderly people. A simple fall could cause serious harm and injury. Often households are not very prepared for such possibilities.

Firstly, you could secure any loose or uneven carpets that could cause a trip. As well as the indoor flooring, you should consider the outside flooring. Driveways can often be very slippery and cause a fall, however, resin bound driveways are durable and anti-skid; replacing your driveway with this could prevent any unwanted injuries.

You should ensure that every-day items are not stored in high cupboards but in easy reach, so they do not harm themselves trying to grab something. Also, you should consider buying a low bed that they can easily get into.

Fire Safety

In the event of a fire, an elderly person might struggle to exit the house promptly without getting harmed. That is why you need the following fitted as a safety precaution.

Working fire and carbon monoxide alarms are very important to ensure you are alerted of the fire instantly. Fire extinguisher in case of urgent emergency. Panic alarm that could help your elderly relative to summon help.


Most elderly people struggle with their vision

Most elderly people struggle with their vision, that’s why the following is important to have in your household. You’ll need plenty of good quality, non-glare lighting to make it somewhat easier to see their surroundings.

As well as this, touch tone telephones with large numbers are a lot easier to use for elderly people to use, so including those could be useful.

Also, you could put large print instructions/warning signs around the house which could help assist the elderly person around your home, without getting injured. Finally, you could make sure to get rid of any bright, coloured, patterned carpets that can be confusing for elderly people.


Safety in the home for the older generation is extremely vital and shouldn’t be taken lightly. If possible, you should even get specialist knowledge and advice on how to create a safe and sheltered home to keep your loved ones out of harms way.

Monitoring the safety and wellbeing of your elderly relative should mean a lot to you. If you cannot make your home a safer space, you could cause harm to your loved one.

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