Why Are Icicles Forming on My Roof and How to Prevent It

The icicles during winter are not a good sign for the roof of your house. It is a dangerous sign because it may ruin your roofing system. Have you ever wondered why are icicles forming on my roof, but it does not happen to the houses around you?

There might be some reasons why and you have to destroy them as soon as possible. Since it already happened, you should know how to prevent it because the roof line might not be able to hold it in the future. Find out some reasons and tips here.

The Reasons Icicles Are Forming on My Roof

The Reasons Icicles Are Forming on My Roof

The icicles are formed when the snow melts. However, there are certain conditions where the snow refreezes again when it should have flown off. For some areas with high fluctuation during the winter season, it is normal and you have to fix this issue as soon as possible.

The first reason is the temperature is still unpredictable. When it is time for the snow to fall off from the roof, it forms ice because of the ambient temperature. It does not melt but becomes ice. This ice is heavier than the snow itself and this is why icicles are dangerous.

Another reason is there is an issue in your ventilation in the attic of your roof. When the insulation or ventilation part is warmer than usual, it will melt the snow around it. However, the temperature at the edge of the roof is colder. It leads to the snow changing into icicles.

The Risks of Ignoring Icicles Issue

Why are icicles forming on my roof

It is dangerous to let the icicles form on the roof. So, it is important to know why are icicles forming on my roof and the risks of ignoring them. The first risk is structural damage that may happen to the roof. It is because of the weight of the ice itself.

The second is the injury that may happen to the people who are under the roof. Falling icicles may cause serious injury because they are heavy and sharp. So, it should be prevented and removed when it is still small.

Other reasons are rotting timber and paint damage. The roof from wood may not be able to hold the ice, so it will fall with the icicles. Thus, the longer you ignore the icicles, the weaker the paint quality you have. It creates shades and fades away easily.

How to Fix and Prevent Icicles

How to Fix and Prevent Icicles

Should the icicles have formed on your roof, it is time to remove it. The easiest way is to put an ice-melting table on the roof and let the ice melt. You can use a hammer and hacksaw when it is possible, but make sure you are safe to do that.

As a prevention, you should check the ventilation and gutter on the roof. They are the main cause of icicles forming on it. It is not a long-term solution because you have to do it every winter to avoid the icicles forming.

If you have understood why are icicles forming on my roof, you should fix it as soon as possible. It has dangerous risks that you should avoid. As a prevention, follow some guides above so there won’t be any damage caused.

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