Can Bearded Dragons Eat Radishes?

As an omnivore animals, Bearded Dragons love to eat insects, fruits, and vegetables. So, can Bearded Dragons eat radishes? It is a crucial consideration since the types of diets you give affect their growth.

Generally, radishes are safe for your pet. It will be perfect if you know the reason why radishes are safe for bearded dragons. 

Abundant Water

Radish contains a lot of water. It prevents your bearded dragons from dehydration. Mixing this vegetable on their diet bowl is perfect, especially if your bearded dragons don’t like to drink fresh water.

Ensure that you give radishes in the right portion. Too many radishes on a diet can cause diarrhea.   

Support Calcium and Phosphorus Needs

Bearded Dragons need a lot of calcium. In the wild, they get it from the sunlight. A sufficient calcium level keeps their bones strong and prevents Metabolic Bone Disease or MBD.

At the same time, this vegetable can cover the need for Phosphorus. This substrate helps to bind excess calcium in the body.

Giving radish in the diet is good to get sufficient calcium and phosphorus since it has 25 milligrams of calcium and 20 milligrams of phosphorus per 100 grams. As a result, your bearded dragons grow actively and healthy. 

Support Your Bearded Dragons with Vitamins

Bearded Dragons that eat radishes in the right portion regularly have shiny and healthier skin than those who don’t. It is because radishes contain a variety of vitamins, including vitamin C, vitamin B6, and vitamin B9.

Leafy greens have a lot of vitamin C, including radish. This vitamin helps your bearded dragons grow healthier with sufficient antioxidants in their body.

The antioxidants can boost the immune system, rejuvenate the skin and other parts of the body. Giving radishes to your bearded dragons keeps them moving actively.

It is because vitamin B in radishes helps to boost the function of muscle and the central nervous system. 

Fiber for a Better Digestive System

can bearded dragons eat radishes

You can also give radishes to your bearded dragons to keep their digestive system healthy. In the right portion, the fiber on this vegetable helps to prevent diarrhea and constipation.

This substrate controls the amount of water in their intestines. Your bearded dragons have less risk of suffering from colon cancer. The fiber works to clean harmful waste from the body right away.  

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Radishes are good also because of the potassium content. This substrate is good for muscle and reduces the risk of MBD.  

You would better mix the radishes with other leafy greens, such as kale and dandelion. It is also okay to put carrots and apples in the bowl.

Ensure that you cut the ingredients down into small pieces so they can bite the fruits and vegetables. This animal needs 20 to 30 percent of greens and 70 to 80 percent of insects on their diets.

Now, you don’t need to ask any more about can Bearded Dragons eat radishes because you finally find the answer.

You even know why this vegetable is good for your beloved bearded dragons. As a result, you can take care of and see them grow well with perfect skin and bones.      

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