Can Hamsters Eat Spinach?

You may love to eat spinach and want to give it to your hamsters. Can hamsters eat spinach? Yes, you can give them spinach.

Indeed, you still have to know how to feed your hamsters spinach safely. This knowledge helps you give the best diet and supports your hamsters in growing healthy.

Mixing Spinach with Other Vegetables

It will be better not to give spinach as a single diet, and your hamsters will get more health benefits if they eat a variety of ingredients.

Let’s say you can mix chopped spinach with other vegetables, such as cucumbers, cress, cauliflower, broccoli, and carrot. 

The eating time looks so fun when there are a lot of textures and tastes on the bowl. A small number of vegetables is better than giving one type of vegetable to the hamsters all the time. 

Mixing Spinach with Fruits

Hamsters also love to eat fruits, and it treats their teeth well to be stronger when they get older.

Fruits are not too rough, have a delicious taste, and have abundant water content. Try to mix chopped spinach with bite-sized apple, pear, peach, or melon. 

The water content from the fruits keeps your hamsters hydrated. At the same time, their body also absorbs beneficial substrates on the spinach.

Don’t mix spinach with citrus, orange, and grapefruits for your hamster, and citrus fruits may harm their health. 

Mixing Spinach with Herbs

Instead of feeding your hamsters with citrus fruits, you would better mix spinach with herbs. Despite the strong smell, hamsters love to eat herbs.

For example, prepare a bowl put chopped spinach on it, and then mix it with basil, sage, parsley, or coriander. Stir the mixture and give it to your hamsters. 

Mixing Spinach with Something They Can Chew Gnaw

can hamsters eat spinach

Hamsters love to chew something to keep their teeth healthy. Because of that, you can also mix the spinach with some ingredients they can chew, including seagrass and coconut shells.

Mixing spinach with hazelnut, pear, apple, and dogwood is a great idea. 

These ingredients allow them to gnaw to treat their teeth. It is a great trick to introduce spinach to your hamsters.

Go with a small portion first and see how your hamsters react. You can give the mixture again if your hamsters love it. 

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Bottom Line

The information above explains that spinach is good for human beings and animals, including hamsters. You only have to consider the size and portion before serving the hamsters.

Spinach is also not a primary food, so it will be great to mix this vegetable with other vegetables, fruits, herbs, and many more. The more diet variation you give to the hamster, the healthier your hamster is. 

They will enjoy the feeding time due to the food you always give to them. Next time beginner hamster owners ask if hamsters eat spinach, you can explain it to them.

You can even prove that spinach makes your hamsters grow healthy as long as you feed them based on the portion and size.       

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