Bleeding Heart Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Bleeding Heart Flower Meaning – Bleeding heart flowers have a very elegant and delicate look. Few other flowers are as beautiful as these, but even fewer still hold the deep meaning behind the flower’s symbolism.

The bleeding heart flower has a varied symbolic life. Once you’ve read on to learn what the meaning is, you will be an expert in this historical meaning of this beautiful plant.

Bleeding Heart Flower Meaning – Flower Meaning

What Does Bleeding Heart Mean?

Bleeding Heart Flower Meaning

The bleeding heart flower gets its name because it resembles a bleeding heart.

The flower is known for the blood-like substance that often appears in the middle of the petals even when there are no injuries to the flowers.

Beyond the common name, its scientific moniker is Dicentra spectabilis. Dicentra means “two spurs” and when seeing it this flower literally displays what that word entails.

Spectabilis or spectacular, resembles not only its appearance but also its meaning.

What Do Bleeding Hearts Symbolize?

What Do Bleeding Hearts Symbolize

Bleeding heart flowers may carry lots of meaning. They can express your emotions freely or the deep and passionate love between a romantic couple, for instance.

In different cultures, the bleeding heart plant can symbolize feelings of spurned or rejected love. The plant can also have a more general meaning that corresponds with feeling compassion and love for everything in creation.

Additionally, this flower can be used to bridge between life and death-related topics.

If you have a hard time putting your thoughts into words, then a bleeding heart is perfect for communicating them.

This flower speaks volumes about what’s on someone’s mind and is often used as a symbol to speak candidly about emotions.

What Does a Pink Bleeding Heart Mean?

To add romance to your floral bouquet, consider purchasing pink bleeding heart flowers that symbolize love and kindness.

What Does a White Bleeding Heart Mean?

White bleeding heart flowers generally signify purity and youthful innocence. Fortunately, these beautiful rare flowers are not very difficult to find in open fields or in your own garden.

What Does a Red Bleeding Heart Symbolize?

The red bleeding heart flower is typically associated with romance.

Bleeding Heart Flower Cultural Significance

This plant, grown in Asia for centuries, was first developed and cultivated as an ornamental plant in the 1800s. It is still found mostly only in Asia today.

When Should You Give Someone a Bleeding Heart?

Whether an occasion requires flowers or not, there’s always a time and place for the bleeding heart. One of the best times to give this flower is at a wedding. They’re often placed in bouquets or table decorations for weddings.

Interesting Facts About Bleeding Heart Flower

Interesting Facts About Bleeding Heart Flower
  • Bleeding heart flower is a perennial that blooms in the spring.
  • He bleeding heart flower’s name comes from the red sap that oozes out of its stem when it is cut or broken.
  • This plant thrives in moist soil and full sun, but can also grow well in dry areas as long as it has plenty of water.
  • It is poisonous to pets and children if ingested due to the high levels of iron content.
  • The bleeding heart flower has been used for centuries as a medicinal herb by Chinese doctors because they believe it cures ailments such as coughs, colds, malaria, and headaches.
  • When this plant was introduced into North America during the 1800s, people believed it would be an invasive weed that would take over gardens; however this did not happen and now many gardeners are using them for their dramatic appearance.
  • The bleeding heart flower is a symbol of love and loss.
  • This flower has been used in funeral wreaths, as well as in floral arrangements celebrating relationships ending.
  • In ancient times it was also considered to be the ‘flower of the dead’.

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