Can Hamsters Eat Avocado? Don’t Feed Them This Fruit Until Knowing the Answer

Hamster lovers may know that this tiny animal eats fruits in the wild besides seeds, grains, nuts, and vegetables. But, how about feeding hamsters avocado? Can hamsters eat avocado? You would better find the answer first before giving this fruit to your beloved hamsters.

Don’t end up bringing the hamsters to the vet only because you give the wrong diet. 

The Safety of Feeding Hamsters an Avocado

Hamsters love to eat fruits in the wild. That’s why you can mix their regular food with some small fruits, except avocado. You would better choose other fruits instead of taking the hamsters into a serious health risk. 

The Reason Why Avocado is Not Good for Hamsters

Avocado has a lot of essential compounds, including vitamins, potassium, manganese, magnesium, and many more.

The problem is that the fat content is too high for hamsters. Just like their size, hamsters also have a small digestive system. The avocado flesh is also sticky, and it may get stuck on their pouch that can cause an abscess. 

This abscess leads to a worse health condition, and even they can die. That’s why avocado is not a good option, whether for baby or adult hamsters.

Moreover, most people think that hamsters are herbivores in the wild but they are not. This animal loves to eat insects, crickets, and beetles, and they only consume fruits and vegetables if they need them. 

The Healthier Diet Alternative for Hamsters

The Healthier Diet Alternative for Hamsters

You don’t need to worry because there is a lot of healthier diet alternative for hamsters instead of avocados. Pumpkin and winter or summer squash are good options to serve a balanced and safe diet for your hamsters. 

You can mix these ingredients with beets, green beans, tomato, Swiss chard, spinach, and others to make feeding time more fun for them.

Imagine that you are about to serve a bowl of fresh salad to your companion. You can even eat the salad together with your hamster if you want after considering the fruits and vegetables they can consume.

Hamsters will be happy to get a variety of items in their bowl.    

The Effect if Your Hamsters Eat Avocado

How about if hamsters eat avocado? Your hamsters are okay If it is accidentally and in a small portion.

You don’t have to bring them directly to the vet only because they eat a tiny avocado. Ensure that it doesn’t happen again to prevent any unwanted risks.

Monitor their condition and ensure that they are OK. Bring them to the vet only if you see something unusual after your hamster eats avocado.

Imagine the risks of feeding your hamster’s avocado without knowing can hamsters eat avocado or not.

They may end up in the vet or even die because you feed them the wrong ingredient. Indeed, the way you pick the food determines their health conditions. 

Now, you can avoid avocados if you want to give a treat to your hamsters. Take the healthier alternative to keep your tiny companion growing well, so you can see them running and playing every day. 

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