Cosmos Flower Meaning and Symbolism in Everyday Lives

Cosmos Flower Meaning – Did you know that cosmos flowers are one of the easiest plants to grow? If you plant them anywhere, they’ll usually bloom in a matter of time. If wildflowers like these are your thing, stick around for a while.

The cosmos flower meaning, origins, and history will be discussed in this article.

History of Cosmos Flower

History of Cosmos Flower

Cosmos originates from Mexico, where 20 of its species grow wild. It also occurs in the U.S and South Africa, both countries to which it was imported from Argentina.

As the 16th century progressed, conquered peoples in Mexico obtained an abundance of cosmos flowers.

A century later, English ambassador’s wife Anne Armstead introduced a volume of collected seeds to England about 1789. Cosmos flowered significantly within U.S gardens during 1849-1859.

Cosmos flowers were introduced to the Spanish people by Spaniards traveling for missionary trips.

These priests admired the evenly-placed petals and liked their meaning so much that they adopted them as a symbol of order and harmony in the universe, naming it Cosmos.

It’s a Greek word which means ‘order and harmony among all things’.

Cosmos Flower Meaning

Cosmos Flower Meaning in Live

The meaning of the cosmos flower comes from its name. The Greek word ‘kosmos’ represents both order in the world and what’s known as perfect harmony.

The Spanish explorers who first saw this flower should have been very fascinated with its harmonious petals. The “cosmos” flower represents harmony and order in addition to peace and tranquility.

According to the language of flowers, the cosmos is a symbol of love and innocence. Other meanings include beauty, balance, modesty, and joy.

The colors and scent of the flower are symbolic for peace and wholeness. Additionally, it means “I love you more than anyone could” when it is used in chocolate form.

Cosmos is not only a perfect symbol for the first wedding anniversary, but also represents the second year of marriage.

The cosmos flower is related to the throat chakra and helps those who have difficulty expressing their thoughts or are afraid of public speaking.

This concept comes from the name of this beautiful flower, meaning ‘bringing order out of chaos’.

The Characteristics of Cosmos

Characteristics of Cosmos Flower

Cosmos flowers are a member of the Compositae genus which has twenty species including aster, sunflower and daisy.

The world’s most popular color variety is the Cosmos Sulphureus, which blooms in yellow, red and orange shades.

Another flower species that you may find are Cosmos Bipinatus, which bloom in white or pink colors. As mentioned before, both varieties originate from Mexico but have spread elsewhere across the world.

Cosmos plants are easy to grow in warm climates and don’t need much watering or care. Although blooms will often be larger if watered regularly, there is

little risk of damaging the plant adding water that it can’t tolerate.

Cosmos are a type of flower sensitive to cold temperatures. As such, it is best to plant them in June rather than May. Cosmos flowers grow more quickly when you cut the stem at regular intervals, which will take around 70-80 days.

Medicinal Properties of Cosmos Flower

cosmos flower meaning

Cosmos flowers are most commonly known as an ornamental plant, but it also has a long history of use for treating malaria in Brazil.

Cosmos contains a compound called butein which has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

The cosmos flower is well-known for producing yellow dyes in Central and South America.

But it’s also rich in quercetin, an antiviral compound that can be used to treat sore muscles and skin problems.

Cosmos caudatus, also known as the king’s salad, has many bioactive compounds such as ascorbic and chlorogenic acids. Researchers have found that Cosmos Caudatus holds medicinal properties of its own.

It has anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory properties and also protects bones. There have been no negative effects which is unusual by most other treatments.

In the past, people used king’s salad to strengthen their bones, treat infections and reduce body temperature.

It was also a remedy for aging in Indonesia and Malaysia. Today the leaves are mostly eaten as salads.

Other Facts About Cosmos

  • Cosmos flowers are suitable for anyone new to gardening. However, they need plenty of sun, drainage and warmth in order to thrive. They will only grow well in regular soil if you don’t fertilize them as Cosmos have a tendency to get tall which doesn’t look good when planted together with other flowers.
  • Cosmos flowers are beautiful and ornamental. They resemble delicate blossoms that make your garden look even more charming.
  • A cosmos can make a great cut flower, which you might know because they are often used in flower bouquets and arrangements. The October bloom is wonderful for those born this month and also makes a good gift for the upcoming second wedding anniversary.
  • Cosmos flowers can last up to five days when cut. Cut some other stems with buds and you will have a beautiful bouquet that lasts for a week.
  • Cosmos are one of the most popular flowers grown in America.
  • Most bugs dislike the taste of cosmos, so even if they have a seedling stage, they don’t eat them.

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