Pansy Meaning, Symbolism, and Characteristics

Pansy Meaning – Pansies are not a rare flower, but many people don’t know very much about them. If you notice how they look like little human faces you’ve seen this plant before! It is popular in gardens because of its sweet nature.

Pansies are an annual plant that belongs to the Violaceae family. Due to their beauty and vivid colors, they have been used in pots, gardens, balconies and other places.

Growing a pansy is enjoyable and rewarding in the end. We’ll take a closer look at what the pansy means, its origins, and other interesting facts.

Pansy Origins

Pansy origins

A well-known flower called the “pansy” originates from cross-breeding wild varieties of Viola Lutes and other violets.

After numerous hybridization attempts, a type with more attractive colors appeared. In 1835, there were about 400 different types of pansies that each had their own color patterns.

The popularity of pansies in the Victorian era has contributed to one of its significant traits.

Steel was a cheap material for them to use, so people built lots of greenhouses during this period and discovered more varieties. This led to their continued popularity around the world today.

Pansy Meaning

Pansy flower ideas

The name of the pansy derives from pensée, or “thought,” in French. This flower is often used as a remembrance and in August when it begins to decay and wilt, it resembles a small person deep in thought about their life.

Another meaning of the pansy has to do with its vivid colors. When we miss someone very much or lose a loved one, the pansy reminds us of our sadness.

Pansies symbolize two lovers separated by either distance or another grief-provoking event. Thus, in flower language, a pansy represent an unhappy love affair.

Pansies are also known as the “three faces under a hood” because of their similarity to human faces.

They take their Italian moniker from the word “pensiero,” meaning “flower.” The names include “jump up and kiss me,” viola, and others.

Pansy Meaning in Different Colors

Pansy meaning in different colors

Though pansies have infinite color combinations, they generally represent remembrance and nostalgic love.

Generally, the meaning of a flower can depend on its color. Let’s take a look at some common colors along with their meanings.

  • Yellow pansies are often used as a symbol of love and friendship.
  • Blue pansies symbolize trust in love. This message is sent by the flower: “I trust you and I hope that your love for me equals mine.”
  • White pansies symbolize innocence and purity.
  • The black/dark-purple pansy signifies a broken heart. The flower’s message is “I love you, but you don’t show it.
  • By giving someone a bouquet of pink pansies, you are expressing your love and fidelity.
  • Red pansies, a symbol of love and passion.

Pansy Flower Characteristics

pansy flower meaning

In the past, pansies were cultivated in a range of colors. Nowadays, we can find yellow, orange, purple, gold, red or white pansies growing everywhere from tables to backyards.

These flowers like sunny weather and well-drained soil.

Pansy is a perennial plant that typically only lasts one season. To enjoy them, you must first grow and care for them in the current year before they will produce flowers the following season.

After this second year, there is no way to take care of them unless you transplant some elsewhere before they die.

Pansies are a hybrid plant belonging to the Violaceae family and typically grow between 10cm-20cm in height. There are varieties that reach heights of up to 30 cm.

Pansies are often blooming in the summer, but they can also bloom year round with a little nurturing.

If you decide to sow pansies, it is important that the soil is always moist but never too wet. It should also be very rich in nutrients for beautiful flowering results.

There are a few tricks to lengthen the life of pansies. First, you should not transplant on day-one.

Wait 10 days before transplanting your pansy from its original pot directly into the ground—after daily watering for those 10 days.

Pansy Healing Properties

Pansy healing properties

Pansies contain many different vitamins and nutrients that are effective at treating various diseases.

Pansy tea can be used to treat fevers, asthma, bronchitis; it also soothes coughs and sore throats while helping with bladder infections.

Pansies are a popular remedy for many ailments, with benefits such as helping to fight blood pressure and skin disorders.

Pansies are often found in homemade beauty products such as soaps, creams, and other means.

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