18 Types of Hanging Plants with the Most Beautiful Flowers

Beautifying a small garden at home does not always require high costs. Making use of various types of hanging plants that do not require special care, an ordinary garden can appear greener and more colorful.

In addition to the beautiful colors of leaves and flowers, hanging plants also beautify your small garden at home by bringing in birds and butterflies, so that the garden looks more vibrant and colorful.

For those of you who want to beautify your small garden, here are the best types of hanging plants that will beautify the appearance of your home page!

Best types of hanging plants you should know

Your house yard can still be beautiful even though its size is limited. Rely on the following types of hanging plants!


Lantana is a hanging plant originating from the continental United States in the tropics.

Lantana is a hanging plant originating from the continental United States in the tropics. Lantana in its original habitat grows wild which spreads to walls, fences and trees.

This creeper can be used as a hanging ornamental plant because of its bright flower colors ranging from yellow, orange, and pink.

Of course Lantana easily attracts the attention of butterflies and bees to visit your little garden.

Caring for this plant is also very easy. Regularly cutting the creeping part of the twig and pouring a little water every day will make Lantana flowers bloom quickly.


close up photo of pink petunia flowers
Photo by Irina Iriser on Pexels.com

Petunia flowers have always been a favorite hanging ornamental plant for everyone in the world since time immemorial. Petunia flowers give off a great smell in the morning, and are the most fragrant of all the flowers.

In countries with a stable climate, petunias are able to live longer, although in their native places many feel petunias are too vulnerable to rainstorms. Diligently fertilizing, petunias will bloom all year round.

Million Bells

Hanging ornamental plants million bells or known by the Latin name calibrachoa are relatives of petunia flowers. This flower doesn’t sow new seeds and doesn’t need extra care to keep it blooming.

All it takes is a well-fertilized, watery soil and sun exposure. Hanging flower pots with bright colors will further enhance the existence of this flower.


fuchsia hanging plant

Those of you who live in a cool and humid climate have the privilege of making fuchsia flowers as one of the hanging ornamental plants in your small garden.

This flower shape is like a bell and is very bright.

However, keeping fuchsia blooming is a little more difficult than other hanging houseplants. Make sure the soil is always fertilized and watered always.

Hoya Carnosa

The hoya carnosa hanging plant is also called “Hindu rope plant” because its twisted leaves resemble a rope. This type is unique because the leaf petals are curved, thick, and have a waxy-like texture.

In addition, this plant has a star-shaped flower that smells like chocolate. This type of hoya is very easy to treat especially tropical countries with hot and humid temperatures.

For maximum growth, place the plant in a bright place indirectly. Make sure the soil of this plant is always moist, but do not let the water overflow.


“Purple heart” is another name for the tradescantia ornamental plant. The distinctive feature of this plant can be seen from the color of its purple golden leaves and indigo blue, pink, and white flowers.

The mix of colors makes it a popular hanging ornamental plant for minimalist and elegant decor.

Did you know that every plant has a certain meaning? Tradescantia is known as a symbol of immortality because it can withstand temperatures up to -7oC.

But don’t worry, this plant comes from tropical areas, so it is very safe if your area is a tropical country.


close up photography of an orchid
Photo by zoosnow on Pexels.com

You must have heard of orchids, right? There are many types of ornamental plants and each type has different characteristics.

Orchid flowers are suitable to be combined with various types of hanging flower pots, from plastic to ceramic materials. Make sure that the bottom of the flowerpot has holes for air circulation around the roots.

This pot hole can also remove excess water to maintain the health of orchids. Due to its heat-resistant characteristics, this ornamental plant is very popular among Southeast Asians.

Acalypha hispida

The hanging plant Acalypha has the shape of an exotic flower that is hairy and is shaped like a collection of red cat tails. These flowering ornamental plants can grow optimally in hot and humid temperatures.

Since this plant can vine long down, it is advisable to hang it in a high area. Apart from beautifying your home, this hanging ornamental plant is also used as a traditional herbal medicine.

Some of the popular properties of Acalypha hispida such as repelling uric acid, treating bleeding wounds, and eliminating intestinal worms.


This hanging ornamental plant comes from humid subtropical and tropical regions. Did you know, there are two types of begonias, ornamental flowers and leaf ornamental plants.

There are various colors of begonias, some of which are yellow, pink, and white, which are suitable for hanging plants.

Meanwhile, begonia leaf ornamental plants generally have a unique shape with no less attractive colors such as purple, red, and gray.

Petals that are starting to turn pale green indicate excess sunlight. If this happens, make sure you move it to a shaded area.


In Indonesia, this beautiful hanging plant is known as the nine o’clock flower, because it always blooms at nine o’clock.

This beautiful plant has a variety of bright colors and is often used as an ornamental plant in front of the home page.

In addition, you can also make it an indoor hanging ornamental plant. Portulaca flowers are suitable for very hot areas and only need a little water.

This type of plant requires 6-8 hours of sunshine per day for maximum growth.

Spider plant

Ornamental spider plant or Clorophpytum comosum is a popular hanging plant in the world because it is easy to adapt to cold and hot temperatures.

This African flower has a green and white color combination that looks aesthetically pleasing.

Because the leaves grow downward, this plant is suitable for use as a minimalist hanging plant decoration. In addition, spider plant flowers are very effective in reducing pollutants in indoor air!

Bird’s-nest fern

Ornamental plants hanging from bird’s nest ferns or Kadaka ferns, are a type of epiphyte that can ride on other plants to grow. Uniquely, the shape of this plant’s petals depends on how much sunlight it gets.

The more hot the sun is, the leaves will shrink upwards. On the other hand, the leaves will appear flatter when they don’t have as much light.

Use hanging flower pots from wood or stone for a minimalist impression. Kadaka fern ornamental plants really like humid rooms, so they are suitable to be placed as bathroom decorations.

Devil’s ivy

Devil’s ivy leaf color is golden yellow, when exposed to light, giving off an elegant home decor impression. The creeping, heart-shaped leaves are also able to attract the attention of many people.

For maintenance, you can put it in a humid room with indirect light. The devil’s ivy hanging ornamental plant has the property of purifying indoor air from impurities such as cigarette smoke, suitable for passive smokers.

You can also put a plant called Latin Epipremnum aureus in the bedroom for a better night’s sleep.

String of Pearls

The leaves of this cactus ornamental plant are round like pearls. It contains water so that the plant with the scientific name Senecio rowleyanus can survive in dry areas for a long time.

The Senecio plant has white flowers with a cinnamon scent. In addition, this succulent plant grows creeper and is generally suitable as a hanging ornamental plant for the living room.

String of pearls is just right for those of you who often forget to water your plants because you only need to water them 1-2 times per week.

Heart of Jesus (Taro leaf)

Did you know that the shape of taro leaves can change? The young Syngonium podophyllum plant is shaped like an arrowhead.

Over time, the shape of the petals will change to be similar to the fingers. Taro leaf care is very easy because it rarely invites pests like other plants.

Make sure to hang the flower pot high so it can climb down beautifully.

String of Hearts

Ornamental hanging string of hearts resembles the shape of a small heart tied in long threads. The combination of pale green and purple is suitable to be used as a minimalist hanging ornamental plant in your home.

This succulent plant called the Latin Ceropegia woodii does not require regular watering, so it is suitable for beginners.

Burro’s tail

Not all cactus plants are covered with thorny leaves, you know! The hanging houseplant Sedum morganianum, also known as “donkey’s tail,” is highly heat resistant and does not require a lot of water.

You just need to water the flower pot 2-3 times a day. The type of vine cactus leaves that droop downwards makes it a unique plant for home decor if placed in a large flower pot.

Sometimes, too, tiny red, yellow, and white flowers can grow among the thick leaves.


The ornamental peperomia plant carries a symbol meaning “All will be well.” Peperomia plants are also very easy to maintain.

This South American plant grows creeper downwards and is able to survive for a long time without moisture. It has a variety of beautiful and unique colors and textures.

You simply put it in a small hanging flower pot with a simple white color for a minimalist appearance. You can maintain this hanging ornamental plant yourself or it is also suitable to be given to friends as a meaningful gift.

Those are some types of hanging plants that you can plant in your home page. Even though there is not enough land, this type of plant can still beautify the garden.

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