Best Types of Water Plants for Purifying Your Water Pond

Types of Water Plants – The function of water plants is to make a pond that is in the yard of our house looks more beautiful and lush. But in addition, the benefits of water plants are also very much, one of which is to maintain the continuity of the ecosystem in the pond itself.

For example, to be a place of fish to multiply, neutralize the toxin content of water and increase the supply of oxygen.

However, in the selection of water plants for ponds in the yard we must match the type of water plants with the concept of our pond.

For example, the type of water plants that have such simple forms, water tares, Jasmine Water, lotus, and bamboo water, are suitable for use for minimalist homes.

Plant water used to determine the living plants are above the water surface.

In Rumah Tabloid There are several other types of crops, such as water celery, star grass, Jasmine Water, Cyperaceae, puzzle water, ponytail, bulb matches, Antanan, arrows, Sagita, and kana water. Here’s an explanation:

Water Banana

types of water plants; water banana
This is how water banana look a like

As the name suggests, this aquatic plant is shaped like a banana tree, but it does not have taro leaves. This plant can grow to as high as 4 m, and has wavy leaves and oval shape that can reach 1.5 m.


Seroja flower plant

The Seroja (In Indonesia) plant is often referred to as Lotus. This herb is perfect for ponds with depth. Because the height of this plant can reach 1.5 m.

The size of the diameter of the Seroja can reach more than 50 cm. The flower of Seroja is only blooming in August and July.

Water Lily

Water Lily Flower

This plant is shaped as a lotus. But the size is bigger. The leaves are rounded wide-coated candles that have a size of about 6-10 cm.

Lotus often spreads a fragrant scent. Lotus also has flowers with various kinds of colors, from pink, purple, yellow, to white.

Water hyacinth

Water hyacinth plant

This aquatic plant is more popular as a weed. But basically water hyacinth is an ornamental plant.

Water hyacinth is included in plants that can float and have a leaf stem that is bulging and green in color. The Diameter of this plant also ranges from 5 to 5 cm.


Typha latifolia is a wild water plant

Tifa or Typha latifolia is a wild water plant. The trunk is elongated and has flowers resembling cigars.


most famous aquatic plant

This aquatic plant is most famous and used by the public in general. The flower is very beautiful because it has mixed colors and the leaves float on the water surface.

The size of this plant is about 45-90 cm. Lotus has a variety of varieties differentiated by its flower.

Papyrus Umbrella

Types of Water Plants

This plant has a triangular shaped rod with height can reach 1 meter more and at the end of overgrown flower shaped like a leaf. This aquatic plant grows in groups.

Bamboo Water

Bamboo Water Plant

Bamboo water is a plant that resembles a bamboo plant. This plant has a small size and height of only about 25 to 100 cm with a diameter of trunk that is not more than 3 cm.

Here are few explanations about the water plants are useful for pond cleaners. Hopefully this article can be useful.

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