17+ Black and White Animals in The World | Names & Pictures

Black and white animals are amazing. They can be found in every corner of the world, from the hot deserts to the cold tundra.

These animals have a lot to teach us about the environment they live in, their evolution, and how we should protect them for future generations.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the most interesting black and white animals in the world.

1. Lemur

Lemur animals

Lemur is a primate that lives in the Madagascar rainforest. They are nocturnal, so they sleep during the day and hunt at night to avoid their predators – leopards live on this island too!

Lemur uses a special kind of vocalization called ‘wok’ for communication with each other.

Most existing lemur species are threatened with extinction due to deforestation, hunting, and being captured for the pet trade.

2. Giant Panda

Giant Panda

The giant panda, or a panda bear, is a cuddly-looking creature from Asia. They live in bamboo forests, and they are mainly herbivores with an omnivorous diet.

Pandas have evolved to eat all the parts of the bamboo plant because it’s an abundant food source for them!

In 1990 pandas were classified as endangered due to habitat loss and being hunted only for their fur coat.

The giant panda is also one of the cutest animals on earth – but don’t keep this animal at home if you want your own pet! These creatures belong in nature, not inside our homes.

3. Albatross

Albatross animal

The albatross has the longest wingspan of any living bird. They are typically found on remote islands, and they spend most of their time flying, making them one of the world’s best long-distance travelers.

These sea birds can fly as fast as 80 km/h (50 mph) when gliding in a thermal updraft!

Albatrosses mate for life – if only our human relationships could be so simple. The females lay just one egg each year that takes about 65 days to hatch, but this is an example of how committed these animals are to parenting!

Unfortunately, because they live at such high altitudes where there is little food available, their population numbers have declined dramatically in recent years.

4. Zebra

Zebra animal

Zebra is a type of horse. Their stripes are thought to be an adaptation for camouflage in the long grasses of their native habitat.

Zebra can live up to 40 years, and they come in many sizes, from about 110 cm (43 inches) tall as a foal to 240 cm (94 inches) as adults!

The zebra’s most distinctive feature is its bold black-and-white striped coat.

The animal gets this unique pattern because there are actually two types of hair growing on it – one with dark bands that covers areas like the back, shoulder, mane, and tail, while another area has light-colored hairs which cover around the belly region and legs.

This creates what looks like alternating stripes over the zebra’s body!

5. Killer Whale

Killer Whale

A killer whale is the largest member of the dolphin family. They are also known as Orcas, and they live in every ocean, from pole to pole!

Killer whales have a black top that contrasts with their white underbelly.

This coloration provides camouflage for hunting; it’s hard to spot them against dark water when seen head-on, but you can see their light undersides easily if you look at them from an angle.

6. Malayan Tapir

Malayan Tapir

The Malayan Tapir has a unique system of camouflage with its black and white stripes.

These animals are found in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

Their coloring helps them avoid predators by blending into trees or murky waters during dusk hours when they’re most active.

Malayan tapirs have been known to travel for miles looking for new sources of food! They also enjoy climbing trees!

7. White Tiger

black and white animals list

The white tiger has the same advantages of blending into dark surroundings but on a much larger scale.

White tigers are found in India and China, where their bodies provide camouflage in wintertime snowfall by sticking out against brown tree trunks or leafless bushes.

Watching for prey from above is another way that they use their coloration for hunting!

Their coloring also makes it easier for them to take down large animals like deer and buffalo because if seen head-on, these animals can easily spot them coming in time to escape.

The bright colors act as an excellent distraction when hunting snowy herbivores who instinctively follow any colorful thing spotted during migration season.

8. Skunk

black and white animals names

Skunk is a species of animal in the weasel family.

They are easily recognized by their black and white coloration, but they also produce an offensive odor from glands near their anus to ward off predators.

Skunks eat vegetation and insects as well as small mammals or birds.

The skunk grows about 20 inches long, including the tail, which is around 12 inches long on average. They weigh up to 13 pounds when fully grown, with males being larger than females!

One can find them mainly in North America, South America, and Europe though there have been sightings reported worldwide!

Skunks live underground during winter months, where they mate before going back above ground after hibernation concludes for a brief period of time each year until it’s too cold again.

9. Osprey

Osprey animal

The Osprey is a very large raptor and is one of the most agile sea birds.

It can be found in many different habitats, from oceans to rivers that flow into the ocean. They prey on fish with their talons which have a sensory knob at the end, so they do not lose track of them underwater!

It also has special serrated edges for slicing open its meal without ripping apart its flesh like other birds do – Yum!

They migrate long distances depending on where they are living during the winter months or breeding season.

The males tend to travel more than females as well, but both still go up high and far away while migrating across land-water boundaries through forests, deserts, or mountains.

10. Loon

Loon animal

The loon is a very large water bird related to the duck and the grebe. They are excellent swimmers as well as being able to take off and fly in order to catch their prey- they have a really powerful breaststroke!

This is because of its long, blunt wings that help them dive underwater with ease.

11. Royal Palm Turkey

Royal Palm Turkey

This turkey is found in South America and Costa Rica. It has a very long neck as well as the ability to make small hops – they also use their wings like arms to help them run fast!

The royal palm turkey also has a beautiful plumage which is mostly black and white, with blue feathers on the head.

12. Siberian Husky

black & white animal

The Siberian husky is a very intelligent and friendly dog. They are known for their white fur, which is often mixed with brown, black, or grey!

They have a really thick coat of hair that helps them keep warm in the winter – in fact; they love to go outside when it’s cold as long as you take care not to let them become too wet!

The Siberian husky also has very dark eyes and ears that stand upright on top of its head. Their paws are large and webbed, so they’re great at running through snow or water without getting stuck.

13. Holstein Friesian Cattle

holstein friesian cattle characteristics

The Holstein Friesian cattle is a very popular breed of cattle that’s mainly found in Europe.

They’re usually black with white markings on their body, although they can also be brown or roan (brown mixed with white).

Holstein Friesians are well known for producing a lot of milk – more than any other type of cattle! They have very distinctive square-shaped heads and large horns which curve back towards the neck.

14. Californian Snake

Californian Snake

The California snake, also known as the pacific gopher snake, is a long slender type of snake. They’re usually found in California and are good at climbing trees to escape predators.

Californian snakes can grow up to three feet long but are usually around one foot in length. They live for about 20 years on average, which means that they’re quite slow!

15. Dutch Rabbit

black white animals

The Dutch rabbit is another one of the types of animals that have both black and white fur. They are known for having long ears which look a bit like rabbit’s ears!

Dutch rabbits live in different countries all over Europe and can grow to be about three feet tall, with some being smaller than others depending on where they live.

16. Razorbill

black white animal

The razorbill is a species of seabird that lives all over the world. They are known for their black and white feathers, which make them easy to spot from a distance!

Razorbills have been around since the 1800s, but it’s not clear how they got their name.

Some say it could be because of the way these birds grow in captivity – with razor-sharp bills as well as cleanly cut wingtips.

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17. Bald-Faced Hornet

Bald-Faced Hornet

The bald-faced hornet can be found all over the world, and they are known for their black and white masks. They tend to live in groups so that they can share their prey with one another!

The bald-faced hornet feeds primarily on bees, which makes them a major threat to bee colonies as well as other insects like flies or wasps.


Black and White animals are often easy to spot from a distance because their black and white feathers make them stand out.

Some of the most diverse Black and White Animals include razorbills, bald-faced hornets, albatross, king penguins, ospreys as well as zebras!

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