Can Hamsters Eat Mango Just Like Their Owners?

Taking care of hamsters is fun since they are active and love to play. They can also eat a variety of vegetables and fruits. So, can hamsters eat mango? Yes, hamsters love to eat this fruit.

As the owner, you should know how to serve mango for hamsters. As a result, they don’t eat this fruit too much.

Serve Dried Mango

Although the fresh mango is safe for hamsters, you can also give them dried mango. The dried version is easy to serve since it has lower water content.

It is not too sticky to serve in the bowl. Whether the fresh or dried mango, both of them are high in sugar, that’s why you would better serve one or two small pieces of dried mango as a treat.

You can also mix this fruit with other fruits or vegetables for a more balanced diet.   

Hide the Small Fresh Mangoes

Make the feeding time more fun by hiding the small fresh mangoes. Imagine that you want to give your hamster a small special gift in their bowl. Prepare small pieces of mangoes, shredded newspaper, and pellet food. 

Now, prepare a bowl and mix the three ingredients there. Put the bowl in their cage and let them search for the special gift around the pellet and shredded newspaper.

Seeing your hamsters finding their favorite food in a bowl seems relaxing and satisfying. 

Serve the Mango in a Smoothie

Do you love eating mango and want to share it with your beloved hamsters? Making a mango smoothie is a good idea.

Hamsters will love the smoothie due to the liquid texture. You can use a fresh mango smoothie without any additional ingredients. 

Alternatively, mix fresh mango with a banana and coconut milk. Indeed, you don’t have to give a big portion of smoothie to the bowl.

A teaspoon of mango smoothie is enough for your lovely hamsters. They will come to the bowl and enjoy the smoothie with you. It looks fun to enjoy a smoothie with your companion, isn’t it? 

The Health Benefits of Mango for Hamsters

can hamsters eat mango

Most substrates on mango are beneficial for humans and hamsters. For example, this fruit contains vitamin C and minerals. These two essential substrates are suitable to boost the immune system.

Feeding your hamsters mango regularly and in the right portion keeps their health and reduces the risks of illnesses because of viruses. 

The fiber content in mango also helps to support their digestive system. It prevents your hamsters from suffering from diarrhea.

Your hamsters will also have healthier eyes and stable cholesterol levels because of mango. 

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Mango Serving Suggestion for Hamsters

Hamsters are tiny creatures, along with a small digestive system, mouth, and teeth. Because of that, you should cut the mango into small pieces until the hamsters can bite it comfortably.

A small slice of mango is enough for hamsters. You would better not serve mango on their daily diet. Giving the hamsters mango once a week is ideal for a balanced diet. 

Now, you get the answer on can hamsters to eat mango, along with the way to serve it. It can be a new and healthy food idea for hamsters. 

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