Can Hamsters Eat Pistachios and Its Effects if You Give It to Your Pet

You may want to try to give a new treat to your hamsters and have pistachios at home. Can hamsters eat pistachios? You would better not risk feeding your pet with something you don’t know yet.

The explanation below will ensure you whether it is safe for hamsters to eat pistachios or not. 

The Safety of Your Hamsters When Eating Pistachios

In a short answer, you are allowed to feed your hamsters with pistachios. The crucial thing is the way you choose the product since there are various pistachios products in the market.

Feeding your hamsters with fresh pistachios is the best option. Never feed them with unsalted or deshelled products because the additive is dangerous for this tiny creature.  

The Reason Why Pistachios is Good for Hamsters

This nut has a variety of essential compounds that boost not only your health but also your hamsters.

Your hamsters will grow with healthy and strong muscles and bones when eating pistachios regularly and based on the right portion. 

Thanks to the Potassium that supports these two crucial parts of the body. Free radicals are a serious issue, and Hamsters can suddenly die because of free radicals.

One of the best ways to protect your cute hamsters is by strengthening their immune system. 

Feeding hamsters pistachios is a good alternative to boost their immune system, and it is because this nut has a high level of antioxidants.

Hamsters can have gastrointestinal issues if they have a problem with the digestive system. 

You can reduce the risk by giving them pistachios regularly, and the fiber will fix and strengthen their digestive system.

As a result, your hamsters will not regularly suffer from diarrhea or constipation anymore. 

Do you want to see your hamsters look beautiful with attractive skin? Pistachios will help by supporting vitamin B6 in their body, and this vitamin improves the quality of red blood cells and the health of their skin. 

The Best Way to Feed Your Hamsters Pistachios

can hamsters eat pistachios

The first thing to consider before feeding pistachios to hamsters is their age. Start with a small portion first.

Let’s say a ¼ of pistachio is enough for an adult hamster. Then, check the condition of the hamster over the next 48 hours. 

Continue to feed them this nut if it doesn’t cause any digestive issues or allergies.

Stimulate their appetite by mixing small pieces of pistachio with their regular pellet food. Never add any flavoring, salt, or spices to the pistachios. 

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The Best Pistachios Portion for Hamsters

The portion depends on the types of hamsters. Syrian and Rowbowski hamsters can eat between 1 to 2 pistachios a week.

On the other hand, Campbell’s Dwarf may only eat one pistachio a week, and Chinese Dwarf and Winter White’s Dwarf hamsters are sensitive to their foods. So, one pistachio every 10 days is enough. 

The point is that it doesn’t mean that you can replace their primary food only because you get the explanation hamsters can eat pistachios. Use it as a treat or a mixture to give a better and balanced diet.      

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