Can Parakeets Eat Watermelon? Check the Complete Explanation

The way you feed parakeets determines the condition of their skin, fur, and overall health conditions. This bird eats fruits, but you may want to know can parakeets eat watermelon.

You should check the information below to make sure. As a result, you can feed parakeets watermelon without anything to worry about.

Is It Safe Feeding Parakeets Watermelon?

This bird loves to eat fruits, including watermelon. It means that you can give them this watery fruit. Parakeets enjoy the crunchy texture, water content, and sweet flavor. Most parakeets will be happy when they find watermelon. 

The problem is the natural sugar content in this fruit. That’s why ensure that you feed it to them in moderation, and consuming too much sugar is not good for them. 

How Many Watermelons Should You Feed Parakeets?

Before feeding parakeets a watermelon, one of the considerations is the minimal amount of sugar this bird can eat. Like their owners, parakeets can also suffer from diabetes if they consume too much sugar. 

So, how many watermelons should you feed to parakeets? One cube of watermelon is enough for them. It will be great to mix this fruit with other fruits, seeds, and pellets. Chop the fruit and mix it with their regular food. 

Alternatively, you can blend the watermelon and make a juice. Give them a small portion of the watermelon juice. They will be happy to drink watermelon juice with you. 

How Do You Serve Watermelon for Parakeets?

can parakeets eat watermelon

You can remove the watermelon fruit from its rind, and you would better remove all the seeds.

Parakeets may not realize that they are eating a seed, which can chock them. Then, chop the fruit into 2 or 4 large chunks and mix it with other fruits, just like making a fruit salad. 

Chop the fruit into tiny bite-sized pieces if you only serve watermelon. Remove the leftover watermelon, so they don’t eat them again.

A leftover watermelon may consist of bacteria, dust, or dirt that affect their health if they consume it. 

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Can Parakeets Suffer from Diabetes Because of Watermelon?

Like a human, parakeets can also suffer from diabetes when eating too much sugar. On the other hand, watermelon has a high sugar level, so it will be great to eat this fruit in moderation.

So, any fruit with a high sugar level can cause diabetes if this bird eats too much. 

Be aware! If your parakeet gains some weight without apparent reason, they lose weight quickly.

It can be a sign that they have diabetes, and increased drinking intension is another symptom that your parakeet may have diabetes. So, be aware of the water bowl being empty quicker than usual. 

The point is that watermelon is safe for parakeets as long as they don’t eat this fruit too often. You have to control the portion and time to eat it to prevent diabetes and other diseases.

Mixing this fruit with other foods is a good option to give a balanced diet to your companion. This information helps you to explain to other parakeet owners if they ask can parakeets eat watermelon.   

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