Can Hamsters Have Watermelon Flesh, Rind, and Seeds?

Hamsters are the best pets for those who love animals but don’t have enough space to get bigger pets like cats or dogs. Owners of pets usually love to share whatever they eat with their beloved animals. If you love watermelon, you need to know the answer to: can hamsters have watermelon?

Hamsters can eat commercial pellets and timothy hay. They can also get small amounts of herbs, vegetables, or fruit.

You can also occasionally feed your hamsters with treats like a boiled egg, nuts, or mealworms. But now, let us focus on watermelon.

Can Your Hamsters Eat Watermelon Rind?

Can Your Hamsters Eat Watermelon Rind

Your hamsters may love eating watermelons’ fragrant flesh. But they may don’t like to eat the rind of a watermelon.

This part of watermelon contains an amino acid that is sharply flavored called citrulline. This amino acid may not be pleasant to your hamsters’ palate.

What About Watermelon Seeds?

What About Watermelon Seeds

The answer to this question is, it depends. The Syrian hamsters probably can eat watermelon seeds with no issues.

But the smaller hamster breeds such as Robo and dwarf hamsters may choke on those watermelon seeds. You better avoid feeding your small hamsters with watermelon seeds.

Ideal Portion of Watermelons Your Hamsters Can Get

Ideal Portion of Watermelons Your Hamsters Can Get

The next question to answer is how much your hamsters should eat watermelon? A small amount of watermelon will be fine for your hamsters.

A teaspoon of watermelon will be enough for one of your hamsters. If you are feeding the dwarf hamster, cut the watermelon in smaller sizes.

Dispose of The Old Watermelon

Dispose of The Old Watermelon

You have got the answer for can hamsters have watermelon. If you decide to feed your hamsters with watermelon, but they don’t touch the fruit for 12 to 24 hours, dispose of the fruit.

The old watermelon is an unsafe food your hamsters shouldn’t eat. Clean the cage from uneaten watermelon.

How To Serve Watermelon to My Hamster?

How To Serve Watermelon to My Hamster

Prepare fresh watermelon at room temperature. Seedless watermelon is more recommended than the seeded one.

Cut off watermelon rind and then cut the flesh into small bite-sized pieces so your hamsters can eat them much more easily. Serve the fruit to your pets while the watermelon is still juicy and fresh.

Watermelon To Keep Your Hamsters Hydrated


Watermelon contains almost 100% water. Watermelon also contains low fat and only 43 calories per cup.

Eating watermelon can help your hamster to stay hydrated. However, you still need to follow the feeding rule above; a teaspoon of watermelon per week is enough for each hamster you own.

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Other Benefits of Watermelon for Hamsters


The other benefits of watermelon include boosting the production of collagen, enhancing the health of the circulatory system, lowering blood pressure, aiding against infections, and combating heart disease.

Carotenoids and vitamin C contained in the fruit are the nutrients that offer those benefits to hamster.

Can hamsters have watermelon? It depends on the parts of the watermelon. The best part of watermelon to feed your hamsters is the flesh.

Avoid feeding your hamsters with watermelon seeds and rinds since they can be dangerous for your beloved pets. Watermelon should not be the main diet.

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