29+ Creative DIY Computer Desk Ideas For Your Home

DIY Computer Desk Ideas – Are you looking for a way to create your own computer desk? If so, there are many DIY options that can be done in your spare time.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most popular diy computer desk ideas and show you how to make them on your own!

Creative DIY Computer Desk Ideas

#1. Corner Wall Mount Computer Desk

 Wall Mount Computer Desk

This is one of the corner desk ideas that you should add to your small home. The table doesn’t have legs and is mounted next to a window. It creates a mood for working in front of the computer.

You will be relieved when working at the computer monitor because occasionally you can also look outside to get some fresh air. A brightly lit room is more refreshing and less strenuous for your eyes.

#2. DIY Double Desk

DIY Double Desk

Office desks should be made out of wood and metal. It offers a lot more storage than just a desk by itself would provide.

The wooden top adds character to the room, and above the desk, you can see a rustic decoration that ties in with the feeling it creates.

#3. Computer Desk Design for Narrow Space

Computer Desk Design for Narrow Space

Sometimes, you don’t need very much space to fit a desk. This narrow room is decorated entirely on the wall. The shelves are perfectly sized for this tiny area and are only 5.5 inches deep.

One thing to consider about this desk is that there are no drawers or storage spaces available. Make sure you add these features before the desk gets too cluttered.

#4. Scandinavian Computer Desk

Scandinavian Computer Desk

This computer desk has a pleasing symmetry that helps creativity and mental focus. The seating is right in front of the window, which provides natural light for work.

The typical Scandinavian color scheme adds value to your room and makes it a place of comfort.

#5. Modern Computer Desk

Modern Computer Desk

This dark wooden desk looks so cool from up here. The sleek texture of the wood gives a nice feeling to your work area. A nostalgic, rustic aura rises out of the table, supported by an antique lamp for illumination on the left side.

The two monitors sit in the center of the desk, taking up no space on the table. Consider both size and design when purchasing your computer desk for maximum functionality.

#6. Workspace Ideas for Two

Workspace Ideas for Two

The long shelves make it easy to store books and folders, as well as making use of the space at any given time.

DIY computer desk ideas can be really helpful for those who need a workspace that is practical.

The design of this workspace ensures that enough light is present both day and night.

#7. Small Rustic Computer Desk

Small Rustic Computer Desk

For a striking and rustic design, this desk is perfect for any room in the house. In order to provide light below the table, you will need a sconce or similar fixture. Leave the top of the table unpainted to highlight its vintage charm!

If it seems dirty, polish the entire desk to make it shinier. It will improve its appearance and transform it into something elegant.

#8. Elegant Wooden Computer Desk

Elegant Wooden Computer Desk

Here’s a workspace that I would describe as ideal. First, the high-quality wood material on the desk and shelves creates an ambiance conducive to working.

Second, the lighting supports are placed underdraws and flanked by spotlights under shelves. Those fixtures help to build up the mood.

And last but not least, the computer desk is just big enough for all of your office stuff- it is perfect!

#9. Hidden Computer Desk for Tiny House

 Computer Desk for Tiny House

For a small home with limited space, this DIY project might be all you need. Simply pull it out when you want to work on it and slide it back inside the cabinet when you’re done.

This desk is so small that it can only hold your laptop and work-related items. When it’s closed, it looks like an ordinary cabinet—nothing special at all.

#10. Metal Tubing Desk for Minimalist Flair

Metal Tubing Desk

Are you looking for a minimalist-style desk? Consider the metal tube computer desk. The sleek, minimal design complements any room with its color and clean lines.

With this computer desk, you get a customizable design that can be packaged with an affordable price tag.

11. Computer Desk with Metal Filing Cabinets

Desk with Metal Filing Cabinets

This form of urban furniture offers a durable, stylish look and a space-saving design. That’s why it’s loved by many people.

This desk is made out of a wood top that looks like a butcher block and two metal filing cabinets. The interesting texture of the wood makes it an eye-catching conversation starter

12. DIY Cinder Block Computer Desk

 Corner Space with Minimalist Desk

This desk is made out of cinder blocks. It’s a thoughtful idea for your workspace because it doesn’t require any additional tools to put together, and you can make it as high or as low as you need.

The cinder blocks provide storage for the desktop and a laptop spot. Despite its small footprint, it still looks tidy and rustic.

#13. Wall Mount Computer Desk with Wire

Computer Desk with Wire

One way to utilize wall space is by mounting wood boards on the wall using hooked wires. This will offer some industrial vibes in a room.

This desk is easy to see thanks to the black wall behind it. The natural decoration on the wall is still noticeable but not distracting.

#14. Industrial Desk with Black Pipes

Industrial Desk with Black Pipes 2

Plywood and black pipes combine for an outstanding charm. Industrial style is added with the wooden shelves that are connected by the pipes.

The shelves are useful for office materials like folders and binders. You could easily store things away inside boxes or display them on the shelves.

#15. Computer Desk Idea Using Wood Pallet

Computer Desk Idea Using Wood Pallet

This palette desk isn’t quite as conventional as a typical desk, but it is the perfect style for those who prefer their space to be cozy and vintage.

For those doubters out there, this interpretation of a computer desk can actually be anchored to your wall instead of taking up space on the ground or in another room.

You can copy the design from this desk to make one using the wood pallets you have. This type of desk has a printer shelf below and room for decorations above.

#16. Sleek Computer Desk for Home Office

Computer Desk for Home Office

This design of a desk incorporates a large amount of storage, perfect for storing your office supplies or stationary.

The contrast between the white-colored interior and furniture provides a nice aesthetic while also allowing natural light from an open window to enter.

#17. DIY Industrial Computer Desk

DIY Industrial Computer Desk

Not everyone has a lot of free time on their hands, so they need something that’s easy to build.

Luckily for them, this desk is rather simple and can be constructed by any DIY enthusiast – even if they’ve never tried it before!

The pipes themselves can be used as some kind of pole for storage. Above the surface, you’ll see a connected shelve for any decoration needs.

The lamp placed in the center is an important element of this DIY computer desk exhibit.

#18. Double Study Desk for Kids Bedroom

Double Study Desk for Kids Bedroom

This DIY deck is a great idea for your kid’s room and will work well as both a study space or two desks used by different people.

One space is designated to study with a computer, and the other is without it. In front of this space on the sidewall, you have all the important notes for you.

#19. Minimalist Desk with Scandinavian Style

White Minimalist Desk with Scandinavian Style

The design of the desk is what separates it from other designs. This white desk includes a unique curved surface that offers plenty of storage spaces to get clutter off your floor.

Scandinavian furniture gives a cold and monotone feel to the room without making it seem too small.

#20. Computer Desk with Open Cabinet

Computer Desk with Open Cabinet

At this modern workspace in a residential area of Japan, you can feel the Japanese vibe.

It is composed of much open storage for your book showcase and features Scandinavian-style legs on the chair.

When sitting at your desk, the wall serves as a safety net should you feel lightheaded.

The key to this design is that the desk and its occupant are both according to an angle set away from the main part of the room.

#21. Tiny Computer Desk

Tiny Computer Desk

If you live in a small apartment but still want to have some desk space for things like studying, try this corner computer desk.

Even though it’s small, it has all the features of a regular desk with enough room for work and storage.

Use any kind of chair to work from. Avoid designs that take up more space than you need.

#22. DIY Storage Desk for Home Office

DIY Storage Desk for Home Office

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, this home office desk design is said to invite a comforting sensation for the owner.

The chair and desk both have their own charms that create an inviting atmosphere.

This desk is not an ordinary desk; it’s designed for storing office things, but with a traditional design.

#23. A Desk Idea in A Walk-in Office

Small Hideaway Desk on the Wall

This walk-in closet has been turned into a small office. Besides the work desk displayed, all necessities are already here.

The sleeper sofa is also convertible to a futon bed, giving the room extra space for overnight visitors.

#24. Small Hideaway Desk on the Wall

Small Hideaway Desk on the Wall

With a desk, there’s even more reason to look up and see what you just built.

With some greenery around to fill in the empty space left by keyboards and a mouse, this wall hideaway desk is genius.

#25. Wood Butcher Top with Hairpin Legs

Wood Butcher Top with Hairpin Legs

This is a custom desk for your home office. It has butcher block tops with hairpin legs that transform this room into one of those desks you see in TV shows like Mad Men and Boardroom.

With this design, you will have more room to move your hands around freely and work without the computer.

#26. Wood Slab Table as Computer Desk

Wood Slab Table as Computer Desk

A wood slab table is perfect for someone who loves the natural look of the furniture.

Hairpin legs let it be used as a multi-functional furniture item and a computer desk.

#27. Metal-Wood Computer Desk

Metal-Wood Computer Desk

This workstation features a reclaimed wood top and offers an industrial feeling that will dress up the space nicely.

For a cozy workspace, add some plants to brighten up the area and decorate with paintings.

#28. Small Workspace In Between Walls

Small Workspace In Between Walls

This home office makes good use of a very narrow space. We usually think of this as being something we would just put storage or cabinets in, but having it workable offers some enticing solutions.

Boards and shelves are attached to the wall to make a desk and small shelving.

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#29. Tropical Corner Space

Tropical Corner Space with Minimalist Desk

This tropical-style desk for your workspace can make good use of a corner of space.

The side edge is framed by a standing lamp, while the small desk allows you to have a laptop and speaker set ready for work with little additional cost.

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