7 Homey Wooden Pergola Models for Your Home Garden

Wooden Pergola Models – The scorching heat of the sun often makes many people reluctant to relax in their own garden.

In fact, the garden should be one of the most comfortable and pleasant areas in the house. If you experience this too, don’t worry because you can handle it by using a wooden pergola.

Pergola itself is a frame in the yard or garden area of the house that functions as a shade through the shadow of the frame. Actually, the material of the pergola is very varied, but the most widely used is the wooden pergola.

Besides its main function, a wooden pergola can also be an element of decoration that beautifies your home garden.

Well, if you are interested in using it, here are Natgeos who have prepared some inspirational wooden pergola models that you can imitate to create a homey atmosphere in your home garden. Come on, just take a look below!

Wooden Pergola with Various Decorations

This wooden pergola is arguably the most standard model

This wooden pergola is arguably the most standard model. However, you can make this wooden pergola more beautiful and attractive by adding a few decorations, such as a curtain at each corner of the pergola and a series of hanging decorative lights.

For the seat, use a soft sofa to make it more comfortable.

Besides that, you can also add candles, flowers, or various ornamental plants in pots. At night, the atmosphere under this wooden pergola will definitely be more romantic, so it is perfect for unwinding with your partner.

Wooden Pergola for Outdoor Kitchen

wooden pergola that blends with kitchen cabinet underneath

In some homes, there is an outdoor kitchen which is usually used when there is a barbeque or just for gathering with family and friends.

So, to keep cooking fun and enjoyable, make sure you use a wooden pergola to protect you from the sun.

You can make a wooden pergola that blends with the table or kitchen cabinet underneath. If you feel too innocent, just add hanging flowers to the wooden pergola pole supports so that it looks more lively and sweet.

Minimalist Wooden Pergola

minimalist wooden pergola comes with a more modern or contemporary design

For those of you who like to carry a minimalist residential concept, the wooden pergola model above can be used as inspiration.

Unlike the typical pergola models, this minimalist wooden pergola comes with a more modern or contemporary design, where the frame forms an angled model that blends directly between the supports and the roof.

This wooden pergola consists of a series of longitudinal pieces of wood arranged horizontally at a fairly tight distance each. Thus, this wooden pergola will provide maximum protection.

Simple Wooden Pergola

wooden pergola is designed in a very simple style

This wooden pergola is designed in a very simple style. There are only four pillars and a roof frame that is shaped like a box.

Even without decoration, this wooden pergola still looks aesthetically pleasing in the middle of a home garden. Apart from that, through its simplicity, this wooden pergola also looks very sturdy.

Curved Wooden Pergola

curved wooden pergola model

Want to make the garden look more unique and anti-mainstream? Try using a curved wooden pergola model, like the inspiration above!

This wooden pergola will make the entire relaxing area in your home garden shady. So, not only protecting from the top.

So, to maximize the beauty of this wooden pergola, you can add various unique decorations under it, such as a round floor lamp that resembles the full moon or a table display with an abstract shape.

Thus, relaxing moments with family will definitely be even more fun!

Trapezoidal Wooden Pergola

Apart from being curved, there is also a unique wooden pergola model in the shape of a trapezoid. The gaps in this wooden pergola are so small that the atmosphere is very shady.

The existence of a large, soft sofa and plants around it will definitely make you feel at home for a long time taking shelter under this wooden pergola.

However, this one model is not very efficient because it requires more area in its placement.

In contrast to the standard wooden pergola model which only takes up a little space for the four supporting poles.

Wooden Pergola with Vines

The last model, there is a wooden pergola filled with vines, be it on the roof frame or the pillars.

Besides being more shady, the vines on this wooden pergola also make the garden atmosphere more beautiful and comfortable.

In addition to leaf vines, you can also use other types of vines that flower, such as morning glory, jasmine irian, or alamanda flowers.

Thus, the appearance of a wooden pergola in your home garden will be more colorful and charming.

Through the inspiration above, Kania hopes that you can determine the most suitable wooden pergola model for your home garden, huh! Are you ready to make the garden atmosphere more homey with a wooden pergola?

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