7 Creative and Unexpected Plastic Bottle Crafts

Many parents are running out of ideas to make their children busy in the summer. If it is also your issue, creating plastic bottle crafts can save your day. Recycling plastic bottle is a super fun and easy activity that is ideal for children of any age, including preschoolers.

Plastic bottles are easy to source, not to mention it can be anything you want from pencil holder to hanging ornament and planter. Can’t wait for the creative ideas with your plastic bottles? Check them out.

1. Recycled Hanging Ornaments

Recycled Hanging Ornaments

Some plastic bottles are designed with attractive, flower-like bottoms. Take this part and make a hole for a strap so you can transform it into decorative hanging ornaments. Hang colorful handmade bottle crafts in your patio, bedroom window, or front porch.

2. Halloween Monster Bottles

Halloween Monster Bottles

It’s never too early to prepare for Halloween. If your kids are attracted to monsters, this craft idea is worthwhile. Plastic bottle crafts with Halloween theme let your kids express their creativity to make their own monsters. They can use these handmade plastic beasts as trick-or-treat bags.

Depending on the age, feel free to help your kids do the project. For preschoolers, you can help them cut the bottle and let them accessorize the monsters.

3. Cute Bottle Planters

Cute Bottle Planters

Bottle planters are among the simplest plastic bottle craft ideas to try with your kiddos. It doesn’t require special skills to transform your soda bottles into useful and cute planters like these. Start with cutting the bottles to you desire and pain the entire surface.

Once you’re done, pour your imagination to make unique creations. Use buttons for eyes and the remaining plastic for ears.

4. Plastic Flowers and Vase

Plastic Flowers and Vase

Older kids with better motoric skills can try flower plastic bottle crafts. These plastic flowers are quite simple, not to mention it looks impressive so it can be a great addition to your home interior. Plus, it helps support the eco-friendly campaign to recycle plastic bottles.

5. Creative Piggy Bank

Creative Piggy Bank

Are you in the process of encouraging your kids to save money? If it’s a yes, be sure not to skip this craft project idea. Ask your little one to create a cute piggy bank with its big ears and curly tail. Cover the bottle sidewall with a pink paper for the body. And don’t forget the small cut where the money goes.

6. Upcycled Pencil Holder

plastic bottle crafts

Creating a pencil holder is one of the simplest plastic bottle projects but still it offers a lot of fun. Suitable for preschoolers and younger kids, this craft is super easy to make. All you have to do is just cut the bottles and decorate them. Glue the bottom of the bottles to a cardboard and that’s it!

7. Bottle Buildings

Bottle Buildings

For your creative kiddos, these bottle buildings can be a perfect choice. You don’t have to cut the bottles, instead you can draw on them. Let your kids express their creativity by painting the bottle surface and transform it into their dream building.

Making plastic bottle crafts is one of effective ways to introduce the concept of recycle to your little ones. Feel free to copy these ideas for your next summer project.

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